Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Freddy Kreuger + Hannibal Lecter = Al Davis

Wow, I know Al Davis's (on the right) health is failing him these days but he really looks awful. He looks like a cross between Freddy Kruegar and Hannibal Lecter. Seriously, he has the complexion of Freddy Krueger and the facial expression of Hannibal Lecter. I can't claim to be a fan of Al Davis, but I certainly hope he is doing better than he looks. Davis has a long history with the NFL and, love him or hate him, he really has made a big impact on the league.
Yet, his football decisions seem to be getting crazier and crazier and his downward spiral has gone beyond the point of sadness to just plain pathos. There are some admirable qualities to Mr. Davis's persistence, but it really is time for him to let go and enjoy whatever remains of his health.


Bill Joy's Law

I attended SDForum's Platform 2.0 earlier this morning where I heard a great line. According to Richard Probst, Bill Joy's law is:
"Most smart people don't work here... for any definition of here"
I hadn't heard this "law" before and I love it! One of these days I need to come up with my own law... Fife's law. I like the sound of it already, but I'd better get cracking on deep thoughts.


Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The Worst Day to be Sick

I must have eaten something bad yesterday because I haven't been able to keep food down since about 9pm. I'm feeling a little bit better this morning and I'm pretty sure this is one of those 1 day kind of things but being sick is still annoying... especially when the timing is this bad. If I could have just been sick tomorrow I would have been able to watch all the NCAA Tournament games. Curses!

Monday, March 12, 2007

Stanford vs. Ohio State

The Stanford Cardinal Men's Basketball team limped its way into the NCAA tournament this weekend. The team has been very inconsistent this year, with a couple of impressive wins and several depressing losses. During the first half of the season, their star freshman, the 7 foot Lopez twins were still finding their way on the court. Brook Lopez had a breakout game against USC and has played like an animal ever since. Yet, despite the Lopez twins emergence, Stanford has lost 4 of its last 5 games heading into the NCAA tournament and they play Louisville (ranked #12) in the first round.

I don't think Stanford will get past Louisville, but if they can somehow string a run of wins together, a really interesting match up against Ohio State could happen in the elite 8. Ohio State has Greg Oden, the 7 foot 280 pound freshman phenom who is the sure fire number 1 pick in the NBA draft lottery. Oden is regarded by many as the best big man prospect since Shaq. Watching Oden battle the Lopez twins would be an awesome match up. Ohio State is the number 1 team in the nation but if there is any team in the nation that matches up well against Ohio State, it just might be Stanford.

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Friday, March 09, 2007

I hate Joomla (okay not really)

At the moment I am trying to design a landing page in Joomla. Admittedly, the real problem is that I have no idea what I am doing, but Joomla's WYSIWYG editor is extremely frustrating. The editing tools are great when the work, but they are so inconsistent. I'm trying to do simple things like change column widths with tables and sometimes it works and others it doesn't. Argh! Then again, I have only the most basic html skills to begin with so its actually quite cool that products like Joomla and Nvu allow non-developers to even attempt to work on websites. Its just really frustrating be so close to getting what I want out of the software, but not quite be able to finish my project.

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