Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Amazon Associate?

On the advice of John Koontz, I've applied for the Amazon Associate program to alleviate my free-rider guilt by choosing not to use AdSense in my blog. I am now advertising "The Art of the Start" because it is the best introduction to entrepreneurship that I have read. You can read the first chapter here.

First time entrepreneurs won't find any better educational opportunity than spending 6 hours reading the Art of the Start. It is a clear and easy quick read that is packed with great practical advice. Frankly, first-time entrepreneurs speaking to investors without at least having read the two chapters on pitching and raising capital would be just plain stupid. Guy Kawasaki is a great self-promoter and I'm happy to help him evangelize because the book really is a great resource for first-time entrepreneurs and I have personally benefited from reading it.

In addition to wanting to heap praise on authors that have helped me and highlight resources that I think other entrepreneurs can benefit from, second motivating factor putting up ads was to minimize my free-riding on Blogger. As I registered with Amazon, it dawned on me that any compensation generated by the ad will go directly to me. (89 cents for the first 20 copies and then it jumps to 93 cents!) Hmm, this isn't what I really intended. I'm still opposed to AdSense for now, but I would like to find a way to make some type of contribution. Or maybe I'll just get over it because I don't like Google anyway.


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