Thursday, December 17, 2009

Dan Uggla is Pedro Feliz

Dan Uggla won't help the Giants. Although the Gigantes clearly need to improve their offense, they would generate more wins from consistent hitters rather than a power bat. The Giants pitching is so good that consistently manufacturing 2-3 runs will win a lot of games. Uggla hits about 1 HR per week. How many games is that going to win?

To make matters worse, HRs are expensive and the Giants don't have the budgets to bid with the big boys so it imperative that Brian Sabean spends smarter.

What Uggla brings to the table is some pop (31 HRs) and the ability to draw walks, but don't confuse that for plate discipline... he struck out 150 times last year. Furthermore, Uggla absolutely cannot hit left handed pitching, his terrible .243 batting average falls to .225 with runners in scoring position and an abysmal .153 in late innings of close games. Now, about those HRs... Uggla hit twice as many at home as he did on the road, which won't translate well at the pitcher friendly AT&T Park. In fact, if one figures AT&T Park takes 5-10 HRs from Uggla his numbers start to look a lot like Pedro Feliz from 2004-7.

The Giants wouldn't even offer a contract to Pedro Feliz so why does it make any sense to trade a prospect for Uggla?

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