Monday, February 20, 2006

Get Tivo's Soure Code

According to Tom Formeski Tivo constomers can get access to Tivo's source code because they are using GPL software. Cool, I hope this leads to lots new Tivo hacks.
"I had an interesting chat with a patent attorney from Philips, the huge
Dutch-based consumer electronics company. Philips has been using open-source
products within its products for many years. It uses Linux and other components
in its TVs and other consumer electronics gear which is often resold under oem

"We tell our partners that they have to offer the source code to their
customers, " he said. Because that is the stipulation in the open source
licensing agreement. So, if you purchase a product that contains Linux (e.g.
Tivo) you have to be offered the source code. But over a five year period, not
one customer has bothered to read the small print and make such a request."


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