Monday, April 10, 2006

I'm Funded Now What?

Will Price and Terry Gold have written several excellent posts, which any entrepreneur that is getting close to their first round of financing should definitely read. Post funding most startups seek to begin executing their marketing and sales strategies. However, execution, marketing and sales can be very difficult for newly born companies because every thing is new and growing rapidly. Yet, seed and series A financings are relatively small investments that provide little margin for error. Thus, Mr. Price's post on creating operating plans and marketing best practices as well as Mr. Gold's post on hiring the right sales people are must reads. Its just too easy to blow an early round of financing amidst the chaos of any startup on marketing that doesn't pan-out and executives that would rather forecast or manage than sell...

...but if your in the market for sales forecasting and/or sales management advice, Mr. Price's posts on these subjects are excellent also.


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