Friday, February 24, 2006

List of 21 Angel Investor Groups

Peter Ireland has posted a list of Angel Groups recently published in Business 2.0 here. The Biz 2.0 list is definitely not comprehensive and I've added a few more California based groups that I'm aware of.

Business 2.0 List:
  1. Angel Capital Association
  2. Angels' Forum
  3. Band of Angels
  4. Common Angels
  5. Keiretsu Forum
  6. Launch Venture Pad
  7. New World Angels
  8. New York Angels
  9. Pairie Angels
  10. Robin Hood Ventures
Other Networks to consider:
  1. Angel Capital Network
  2. Financing Partners
  3. Life Science Angels
  4. North Bay Angels
  5. Sacramento Angels
  6. Sand Hill Angels
  7. Sierra Angels
  8. Silicom Ventures
  9. Tenex Medical Investors
  10. US Angel Investors
  11. Tech Coast Angels


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