Wednesday, July 05, 2006

My Next Moves

Chris Yeh asks what I am doing next in a comment on my Lessons from Cryptine Networks Failure post. At this point I am not sure what my next move will be. My top priority is to find a great team that I can contribute to and learn from. Title and role are less important to me but I do have a little bit of experience in sales, marketing and business development and these are the areas where I would probably contribute the most. I also enjoyed the exposure to product management that Cryptine Networks gave me but I am much greener in this area. My preference would be to find another startup to join and ideally in security but its really the team that is most important to me.

I'm not sure how long it will take me to find my next gig but at the moment I do have some extra time on my hands and I would be happy to help other entrepreneurs if I can. I certainly wouldn't call myself and expert but I do think that I've become pretty solid at writing elevator pitches, executive summaries and power point presentations for investors. (see the links in my sidebar) I may also be able to help with sales pitches or marketing materials for entrepreneurs in security. I don't want to take on any long projects and I'm not looking for any compensation because I don't want to make commitments while my next moves aren't clear. However, as long as my schedule stays relatively flexible I'm happy to try and help other entrepreneurs with a couple hours of my time.

If I might be able to help you or if you know of any opportunities that might make sense please drop me a line at:

afife "at"

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