Sunday, August 06, 2006

Motorcycles & The Environment

Matt Elke, a friend of mine, recently started what I suspect will be an interesting blog about his two passions, motorcycles & the environment. Matt is a grad student at UCSB School of Environmental Management and he is currently working on a watershed project in Chiapas, Mexico.

Matt likes to do things his own way, which seems to provide him with his fair share of adventure. For instance, check out this post about riding to Mexico on his motorcycle. While riding through the Arizona desert in the middle of the night his bike broke down so he decided to unroll his sleeping bag and catch some sleep on the side of the road. Ultimately, he wound up hitch hiking to El Paso, TX and then taking a 28 hour bus ride to Mexico City.

Matt's blog is also sure to contain random political and societal rants as well. For example, check out the last two paragraphs of this post regarding national energy usage and farm subsidies. Matt is smart and well read so his ranting is usually interesting but at times he can get so caught up in a moral or philosophical line of thought that he loses sight of practical realities... but it always makes for a good argument and the two of us have enjoyed plenty of them.

So for anyone who likes motorcycles, the environment or politics I would definitely recommend tuning in to Matt's blog.


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