Thursday, June 21, 2007

Looking for an Web Interface Developer

Here at Untangle, we are looking for a developer to join our team to help build our web interface. We've got a really fun team (across all departments) that works hard and gets things done. We are an early-stage startup with about 25 employees, so the expectation levels and commitment required are high but there is also tremendous opportunity to have a large impact on development. The most compelling thing I can write about the company is that I was so impressed with the team and product vision that I decide to join myself in February and there is no question that Untangle has best working atmosphere that I have experienced so far.

I'm posting the formal job description below, but the most important attributes that our engineering team is looking for is high intellect and horsepower to handle the fast pace of development here at Untangle. It would be great if you do have AJAX and Ruby on Rails experience, but the soft skills of intelligence and work ethic are valued much more than any specific programming language. The compensation is good with a six figure salary, healthy chunk of options and a great benefits package.

If you are interested in the position, please feel free to contact me directly:

Job Description:

You will be responsible for creating the web-based face of our network security product. You will expand our targeted customer base by providing a new level of product interaction and feature set for us. You should be hands on and work at a rapid pace. Expect to work in a fun and fast-paced startup environment, where you will make a key contribution and expand your skill set. This role is crucial to the company’s future success.


We have a full benefits package, six figure salary, stock options, medical, dental, 401K and company lunches every Thursday and a boundless supply of Poptarts.


  • 5+ years of building customer facing, scalable web applications
  • Good knowledge of Web 2.0 technologies
  • Experience with AJAX frameworks (Protoype, Dojo, …)
  • Programming experience in interpreted languages (Python, Ruby, etc.) and solid shell scripting
  • Basic database design, implementation, and usage (Postgres, MySQL, Oracle)
  • Systems management and performance tuning
  • Significant hands-on web experience
  • Release management experience utilizing CVS, svn, etc.
  • Must be passionate about understanding customer needs and solving them effectively
  • Highly intelligent, quick learning, with good problem solving skills
  • Must be a proactive, intelligent, motivated individual, with the ability to work in groups or individually
  • Bachelors in CS or equivalent degree. MSCS is a plus

Additional desired skills and experience:

  • Experience in Portal Technology or current web frameworks (Rails/ Django) a plus

About Untangle

Our company, Untangle, enables small businesses (10 – 150 employees) to protect, control, and monitor their networks. Through a single device that runs locally on the network, Untangle provides over a dozen on-demand services including anti-spam, anti-spyware, virus protection, remote access, web-content filtering, and more. The services are designed specifically to address the needs of small business.


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