Friday, December 18, 2009

Free MiniDV Conversion From KinKast

A couple friends of mine, Raul and Tom, recently started KinKast, a family video-sharing website. KinKast was designed for parents to make privately sharing video memories as-easy-as-123 with some neat features that minimize the need to edit footage.

In order to drum-up some initial awareness KinKast has an offer you really can't refuse: Free MiniDV conversion. Once the tapes are converted to .mp4, they can be downloaded from KinKast is also throwing in 6 months free of their video hosting and sharing service so after the MiniDVs are converted, they can be easily and privately shared grandma, grandpa and Uncle Joe.

I gotta give Raul and Tom their props, there really are no catches with this offer...
  • No commitment to buy anything
  • No credit card required
  • No annoying accounts you have to remember to cancel
  • KinKast even pays to ship your MiniDV tapes back to you
Of course, they hope you'll love KinKast enough that you'll want to continue using their hosting/sharing service beyond the free 6 months, but they aren't trying to trick anyone into buying something they don't really want. Anyone whose got family memories trapped gathering dust in MiniDV tapes, would be crazy not to take advantage of this offer.

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