Friday, April 28, 2006

NFL Draft vs. Startup School

Tomorrow I have a very tough decision to make. I was invited to Paul Graham's Startup School but I'm torn over whether or not I should watch the NFL Draft. I really am an NFL Draft dork. With free agency, parity and the 49ers really sucking I don't even pay much attention to the NFL these days but for some reason I still love the draft. This year is especially exciting because the 49ers have two first round picks and the Texans have already shaken things up by signing Mario Williams as the #1 pick even though Reggie Bush is the consensus best player available.

I've looked at the schedule of speakers and the morning session is a couple of WSGR lawyers and Ann Winblad but they aren't posting the topics, which makes me skeptical as to how well organized this event really is. Anyway, with out knowing what the topics are, I'm uncompelled because I'm very happy with the legal advice that Fenwick & West has been providing us at Cryptine, so I don't feel the need to hear the WSGR attorneys speak and I've already heard Ms. Winblad speak several times recently.

I think my happy medium may be watching the draft in the morning to see what the 49ers do with the 6th pick and then heading over to Stanford for the afternoon speakers who look interesting and include Paul Graham, Tim O'Reilly and Om Malik among others.


At April 30, 2006 8:38 PM, Anonymous Andrew West said...

Damn you for not having Tivo. :)


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