Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Stirr Founders Table was a Hit

This evening I had the pleasure of attending the inaugural Stirr Founders Table event. The event consisted of dinner and drinks with 15 other entrepreneurs at the Mandarin Gourmet in downtown Palo Alto. It was both a fun and learning experience. The mix of entrepreneurs was mostly first timers but there were also a handful of very experienced founders who had taken companies public and/or created major liquidity events through acquisition. The dinner tables were split into two groups of 8, which lead to a fairly intimate setting for the everyone to share their dirty laundry in a setting that was totally comfortable and confidential. The dialogue was free flowing and everyone participated equally. I met an interesting group of people that I intend to follow up with. There is also some talk of a Founders Table alumni network, which I hope comes together because I'd like to keep in touch with everyone whom I met this evening. Ultimately, the event was a great source of founder peer-to-peer networking and clearly met a need that isn't being served by SVASE, SDForum or eBig. Feel free to contact me if anyone is interested in attending the next event, I'd be happy to facilitate an introduction:

afife "at" cryptine "dot" com


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