Friday, September 08, 2006

Cyclist Killed on Page Mill

Earlier today a cyclist was hit by a car and killed on Page Mill Road in Palo Alto. See early coverage here. On Wednesday I rode my bike down Page Mill and that could have easily been me who got hit. Early reports suggest the driver may have been drunk. However, there is a lot of tension between cyclists and drivers. Some cyclists don't obey traffic laws and some drivers lack of attention or anxiousness to pass endanger cyclists. Really both parties need to be a little bit more a cautious and respectful of each other. That said, steep winding roads like Page Mill, Old La Honda, Kings Mountain or Highway 84, really seem to exacerbate the tension. Cyclists climbing the roads are exhausting themselves to spin at 7 mph when drivers obviously want to go much faster. Whenever a car is behind me I try to stay as far right as possible but there are some parts of these roads that are impassable. I can understand how this frustrates drivers but really waiting until there is a clear line of sight and enough width to pass is in everyone's best interest. I've just had too many close calls where drivers try to pass on nearly blind corners only to find another car coming down hill. Anyway, if you happen to drive any of these roads please remember that being patient and using caution will only take an extra 1-2 minutes out of your day... Endangering someone else's life isn't worth saving two minutes.


At September 20, 2006 11:58 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

well said, although motorists passing a climbing cyclist on a blind turn probably endanger a decending cyclist the most. I try to be aware of this on Page Mill.

This case was really sad. I thought about all last week. Maybe Mr. Peckham would have invented a medical device that would have benefited me--know well never know.


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