Sunday, September 10, 2006

Soccer is not Cycling

Today was my first game in the Palo Alto Adult Soccer Leauge. I've been eagerly awaiting this game since a friend let me know about the league earlier this summer. I haven't player much soccer since I left the UK in 2002 but this summer I've been cycling a lot. I'm riding between 125-175 miles per week and doing hills like Old La Honda and Kings Mountain so I figured that I could at least run even if I couldn't kick the ball.

On my first hard sprint of the game I felt my right hamstring tighten. About a minute later on my second hard sprint of the game it completely locked up, I fell over and had to come out of the game. I rested for about 20 minutes and then came back into the game for a couple more minutes but I just couldn't accelerate.

This evening my hamstring is swollen and soar. I've been limping all day and its now pretty clear to me that soccer and cycling are not the same thing. I guess if I want to get back into soccer shape, I'm going to have to run some sprints this week.


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