Monday, December 24, 2007

Sun Microsytems: Most Delusional Company Ever?

Sun has got to be one of the worst run and most delusional companies on the planet. This banner ad has been cropping up all over the blogsphere, no doubt in some attempt to influence the influencers.

So Sun is now supposed to be relevant because they've finally hit a price point that makes sense for anyone other than NASA to purchase their servers. Wow, $2,180 for a quad-core box!!! A powerful focused message at a targeted audience in a banner ad. How would I sum up this banner campaign in one word?


After seeing that small businesses can buy quad-core servers from Dell for $1,098, how would I sum up this banner campaign in two words.


Somebody needs to wake Sun Microsystems up. The company has been asleep at the wheel for nearly a decade. How can you run a campaign about new value price points, when you're twice the cost of you're biggest competitor? You'd think with marketing budgets big enough to buy this many banners, they at least have an intern to check Dell's prices.


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