Thursday, May 11, 2006

Another Great Stirr Event

Last night Stirr held its second mixer at the Blue Chalk Cafe in downtown Palo Alto. The event was packed with interesting people and was lots of fun. I met a lot of cool new people, drank a couple of beers and even had a few complimentary hot wings courtesy of CommerceNet.

This months presenters included:
  1. 3Jam, Andy Jagoe, CEO
  2. Accomplice, Jason Feinsmith, CEO
  3. JumpCut, Stephen Weibel, Director
  4. LogSavvy, Mark Searle, CEO
  5. TheMintPages, Angie Chang, CEO
Lots of event photos have been posted already and even some video too. I highly reccomend that anyone involved with the Silicon Valley startup community attend the next event.


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