Sunday, May 21, 2006

Omid Kordestani: $289 Million Dollar Man

The San Jose Mercury News ran a roundup of Silicon Valley executive pay in this mornings Sunday edition. Google's Sr. VP of Sales, Omid Kordestani topped the list taking in $289M in 2005 from a base salary of $175K, a bonus of $838K and $287.9M in stock options. And believe it or not, Kordestani's compensation was actually much greater that $289M because the value of his options were calculated at the time he exercised them and with Google's stock trading at $375 they are actually worth closer to $500M. In fact, SEC records indicate that Kordestani sold $422M in worth of Google stock in 2005, although some or all of this stock may have been have included options exercised prior to 2005.

The Mercury also created a list of the top 100. Here is a preview of the top 10:

  1. Omid Kordestani, SVP Google, $289M
  2. Terry Semel, CEO Yahoo, $182M
  3. Larry Ellison, CEO Oracle, $75M
  4. Farzad Nazem, CTO Yahoo, $72M
  5. John Thompson, CEO Symantec, $72M
  6. John Chambers, CEO Cisco, $63M
  7. Harold Messmer, CEO Robert Half, $51M
  8. Susan Decker, CFO Yahoo, $40M
  9. Thomas Mendoza, President Network Appliance, $37M
  10. Jeffery Henley, Chairman Oracle, $37M


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