Monday, May 15, 2006

Treo 700p Annouced... but will it work?

Palm announced the new Treo 700p smart phone earlier today. The new phone runs the Palm operating system and is an alternative to the Windows Mobile 5.0 based Treo 700 that was launched with Verizon earlier this year. The Treo 700p has numerous cool benefits including:

  • Fast data connection with EvDO
  • An improved camera (now 1.3 mega pixels)
  • The ability to function as a high speed modem at broadband speeds for laptops
  • Increased built in memory capacity (now 128mb)
  • Full PDF support with DataViz
  • Better integration with MS Exchange

All of this sounds great, but my real question is does any of it actually work? I have a Treo 650 and while I love the functionality, the phone is ridiculously unreliable. First, my touch screen really sucks. In fact some times I have to press the screen 5-10 times just to pick up a call, which is both annoying and dangerous while driving... yes, I am that guy :)... and the phone reboots itself at least once per day, but worse yet, it's often its phone calls that cause the reboot! I've literally missed important phone calls because the incoming call caused the phone to reboot. How bad is that? For all of the extras, calender, email, web, the one thing I absolutely need the Treo to do is receive phone calls! Its an absolute joke and while I'd love to use the Palm OS rather than Windows when I upgrade later this year, Palm will have a long way to go in rebuilding my trust before I buy anything else with their operating system on it.

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