Sunday, May 14, 2006

Silicon Valley: Cradle of Startup Cultivation

A lot has be written about Silicon Valley being the best place in the world to start a technology company. The argument usually centers around 3 key elements:
  1. Culture that encourages entrepreneurship and is accepting of failed startups
  2. Legions of skilled engineers in the work force and access to world class research labs
  3. Unparalleled access to venture capital
All of those things are great and there is no question they play a strong role, but how about the Bay Area just being the nicest place on earth to live?

The Bay Area has it all. The weather is great, never too hot in the summer and never too cold in the winter. With in 4 hours drive we've got great skiing in Lake Tahoe, Napa Valley wine country, Yosemite, beaches (okay LA's are nicer for swimming but we've got Mavericks for surfing), two world class universities and access to San Francisco, which despite being a relatively small is one of the most metropolitan cities in the world. So maybe its just that cool/smart people want to live here and interesting things happen when a bunch of cool/smart people get together. :)

Anyway, time to logout... I'm about to head out an ride my bike around the Portola Loop and enjoy another gorgeous day here in Palo Alto.


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