Monday, May 22, 2006

Temporary Fix for MS Word Trojan

According to the latest Microsoft security research, the latest trojans compromising MS Word, which are commonly know as, BackDoor-CKB!cfaae1e6, Ginwui or W97M_MDROPPER can be mitigated by limiting the software restriction policy because the attacks seen thus far require administrator privileges. Microsoft actually has a pretty good write up on how to set the software restriction policy and to their credit they do provide a free hotline (866.PCSAFETY) customers that need help with viruses. SANS also has a list of work around ideas but the good news is that this trojan does not seem to be spreading very quickly and all of the major anti-virus software vendors have updated their databases with signatures that detect it.

For more information on this trojan see my earlier post from 5/20/06:

MS Word Trojan Targets Corporate Users

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