Thursday, September 14, 2006

Searching For Andrew Fife

According to sitemeter, 2.4% of recent traffic to this blog comes from searches using the phrase "Andrew Fife" or the same phrase w/o quotes. I find it both amusing, flattering and disturbing that random people are searching for information about me. On the one hand its flattering to know that people are interested in learning about me. On the other hand, I've always considered my self to be a relatively private person and its a little bit disturbing to not know who or why people are digging up information about me.

I always do quick searches on people before I meet with them to get an idea of their backgrounds, skills and interests. I'm sure that this accounts for some of the search traffic but there are a lot more searches going on than I have meetings these days. There is no doubt that I am bringing publicity to myself by writing this blog and that probably explains the rest of the searches.

As I think while I write, its not that I mind people searching for information about me, its more that I am curious to know who and why people are searching. The good definitely out weighs the bad in this case, so its not really something that I am losing sleep over. However, I am curious to know what other bloggers experiences are with this. If you track your blog stats, what percentage of your visits come from searches of your name? Is 2.4% high, low or average?


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