Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Not Liking Jawbone

I can't ever seem to have my cell phone headset with me in the car when it's charged. It's either on my desk at home or in my car out of juice.

One of the problems is that I can't seem to tell if the darn thing is off or not so I seem to kill the battery in less than a day. Seems like it should have a sleep mode to conserve power. A car charger might help as well.

I guess I haven't read the manuel so maybe I'm doing something wrong. But then again consumer electronics really should just work these days.

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At September 10, 2008 7:08 AM, Blogger Chris said...

I hate the shoddy construction of the Jawbones. Try this one instead--it's only $27, and much more durable.

Samsung WEP200


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